Mobile Lotteries

Build regular income with mobile lotteries

  • Easy to set up and simple for supporters to enter
  • Admin, regulations and technical bits all taken care of
  • Run as a standalone lottery, or as an alternative to a Direct Debit lottery
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Why run a Mobile Lottery?

Simple to create, easy to enter

Mobile Lotteries are a simple way for your charity to set up a weekly society lottery. Have confidence that all the tricky bits are taken care of!

Our unique entry flow makes it easy for supporters to enter. No lengthy forms to complete, just a mobile phone number is required!

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  • Fully Branded

  • Mobile Entry

  • Regulations Made Easy

  • Risk-Free Fundraising


Fully branded pages

Engage your supporters by customising your page with your charity's imagery, colours and text.


Unique mobile entry

Our unique entry system allows supporters to enter using just their mobile phone number. This makes it easy to enter, which means lots of players and lots of income!


Regulations made easy

We take care of the tricky parts of organising a society lottery. We will guide you through any regulations you need to follow.

You can get started with Mobile Lotteries with a local authority license, which only takes a couple of weeks to be processed.


Risk-free fundraising

We take care of prizes, meaning that there is no risk of your charity being out of pocket. Whether you have 1 player or 1 million!

Maximise charity income

Charities receive £1.02 for each £2 ticket sold.

Our easy entry system provides a higher opt-in rate than for Direct Debit - meaning more players.

We can connect you with our expert marketing partners, to help you reach new audiences. 

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Main lottery or additional offering

Mobile Lotteries can work as your charity's main lottery, or can act as an alternative to an existing Direct Debit lottery.

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Want to learn more?

Watch our 'Introducing Mobile Lotteries' webinar to find out more.

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