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5 tips to get the most from your Giving Page

Here are our top tips to give your supporters a fantastic experience and maximise donations to your charity!

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Examples of Giving Pages from different charities
Tip 1 - build authenticity with a custom domain

You can build trust with your supporters through the address of your donation page. The focus of your supporters should be on you, not the fundraising platform you're using, so put your name and your brand at the fore.

Your donation page address is set up like this...

'your-charity-name' is your domain, which we have automatically generated for you. If you would like to change this, you can drop us a line at and we'll be happy to do that for you.

'page-name' is your path, which you can update in the settings for your page.

Tip 2 - download your QR code

Despite being created 25 years ago, QR codes have really exploded into the mainstream in the past couple of years. Audiences are so used to using QR codes to access web pages, that they are now an essential requirement, rather than a 'nice to have'. Because of this we have automatically created one for your page. You can download yours and add it wherever you choose.

Tip 3 - offer unparalleled stewardship

After your supporters have donated, you can choose where to drop them off by customising your 'thank you page'.

You have two options here. You can choose good supporter stewardship, or amazing supporter stewardship.

For good supporter stewardship (the easy option):

Set your thank you page as a generic page on your website, such as your home page. If you choose this option then make sure the 'automatically redirect to a dedicated thank you page' is not ticked.

This will mean that your supporters will be taken to a generic thank you page, with a button link to the page you have chosen to direct them to.

For amazing supporter stewardship (the advanced option):

Create a bespoke page on your website for supporters to be taken to after they have donated. This could include stories, videos and statistics to illustrate the impact that their support will have. Set this as your thank you page and then tick the box to automatically redirect to a dedicated thank you page.

This will mean that as soon as your supporters have completed their donation, they will be dropped off on your bespoke page and will be feeling amazing about the impact they are having.

Tip 4 - maximise your marketing opt-ins

When making a donation, supporters will be given the opportunity to consent to communications via email and phone.

You can edit all of the text on this step, which we would recommend you do. From experience, your supporters are more likely to opt-in if you explain how you will keep in touch with them and what sort of updates they can expect.

You can also add a link to your privacy policy, so that any data-conscious supporters can make an informed decision on whether to opt-in.

Tip 5 - test your supporters' experience (...but then switch test mode off!)

If you toggle your page from live mode to test mode, you can test your supporters' experience without actually being charged. Just make sure you remember to switch back to live mode once you have finished testing, otherwise donations won't be collected!

One thing to keep in mind, is that different payment methods will appear on different devices. For example, if you're using Chrome or an Android, then you will see Google Pay. If you're using an Apple device then you will see Apple Pay.

You can see some inspiring examples of Giving Pages here.

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